Who is attacking Anonymous in Italy and why

The hacktivist group has stolen information from ministries and parties and, between October 29 and November 5, they will reveal all the information in their possession

This is not the first time they have targeted Italian institutions and, most likely, it will not be the last either. And as it happened in the previous occasions, Anonymous hackers didn't leave any trace of their passages in the servers and databases of ministries, universities and governmental and non-governmental institutions object of their attacks.

Somebody, maybe, had some doubts on Sunday, October 28, when the cybercriminals of Anonymous Italia, LulzSec Ita and Antisec groups announced with a YouTube video that in the following week they would disclose the targets of their latest attacks. In the following seven days (from October 29 to November 5) they would publish lists of names, email addresses, passwords and other sensitive data stolen during their raids. The first objective, but not the only one, is to demonstrate how much work there is still to be done on the side of computer security in the Public Administration.

Why Anonymous is attacking Italy

As explained in the video, the hackers first of all wanted to demonstrate that even the highest institutions of our country - ministries, universities and other organizations such as trade unions - are not safe from possible computer attacks and all the information in their possession could become public knowledge in a few days. As often happens, then, the actions of Anonymous also have a political purpose, aimed at hitting the image of the government or political party of the moment, revealing skeletons in the closet and possible secrets.

Not coincidental, moreover, the period chosen by the hackers of Anonymous Italy, LulzSec Ita and Antisec to disclose the stolen data. The "cybersecurity week", in fact, will end on November 5, the day in which falls the British anniversary of the conspiracy of dust, engineered by Guy Fawkes. If you're wondering who this (semi-)anonymous Briton who lived in the 1600s is, suffice it to say that the face of the masks worn in the film "V for Vendetta" is his.

Who was attacked by Anonymous Italy

At the moment, the three hacker collectives have released databases stolen from some Italian universities, various trade union confederations and other non-governmental organizations. It is very likely, however, that in the coming days databases will be released with information related to several leading political parties (in the video you can see the logos of the League, the 5 Star Movement, the Democratic Party and others). All this will serve to prepare the scene for November 5, when Anonymous plans to publish something really special. The appointment, therefore, is for that date.