Wi-Fi on vacation, 3 apps to find free wi-fi hotspots

Finding free Wi-Fi is sometimes important. Unfortunately, it's not always that easy. Some help might come from apps. Here are the best ones

Although major carriers now offer generous pricing plans, data traffic is never enough. Especially to listen to songs or watch streaming videos and movies. The only way to make ends meet is to limit the consumption of the cellular connection.

As you know, in these cases we just have to wait until we get home to watch the latest episode of our favorite TV series that we are following on Netflix. There is always the possibility to lower the image quality of the videos and save a few "gigs", but streaming content is very "ravenous", in terms of data required. And if we're on vacation, especially outside Europe, we can't even resort to the data connection. Unless we want to spend a fortune. Yet, there is a very simple way to save our device's cellular traffic: use a public Wi-Fi network.

Finding a hotspot, however, is not so easy; moreover, not all networks are free. So, what to do? We could try using one of these hotspot finders: WiFi Map, OpenSignal and Avast WiFi Finder.

WiFi Map

One of the most used ones, available for Android and iOS, is WiFi Map. It is an application that allows you not only to find internet hotspots nearby. The app, in fact, relying on the help of users, includes a password server to be used to access the various networks. WiFi Map has more than 100 million hotspots around the world. The tool offers numerous services, including the ability to check the speed of the network connection. Hotspots are shown on a map and users can continuously update their passwords.


Like WiFi Map, one of OpenSignal's main strengths is its user community. The app includes over 500 million hotspots in its network. And that's not all. The app also stands out for the numerous services it offers. First of all, OpenSignal is very accurate in showing public Wi-Fi networks. Then, it's also useful for measuring connection speed and assessing an operator's internet coverage in a given area.

Avast WiFi Finder

Avast's WiFi finder is among the most surprising solutions. Its WiFi finder, in fact, not only helps users to search for the nearest free hotspot, but also gives the possibility to check if the internet connection is secure. The application uses GPS to pinpoint users' location. Moreover, like the other solutions, Avast WiFi Finder also allows you to check the connection speed.