Windows 10, an issue makes it impossible to use your PC: what’s happening

New issues are targeting Windows 10 making your computer unusable. Here's what's happening

Windows 10 is having problems once again. It doesn't seem to end the chain of problems that has been characterizing Microsoft's operating system for a few months now. The release of the Windows 10 May Update first and the June 2020 Security Update later, seems to have created several malfunctions on users' PCs, so much so that in some cases you can't even use your PC properly. But let's go in order.

The two updates released by Microsoft have caused several operating issues, many of which have already been reported in previous articles. For example, the printer malfunction that made it impossible to use was quickly fixed with an ad hoc patch. Now, however, three new and quite serious issues are surfacing: the PC restarting on its own and error messages appearing on the screen while using OneDrive and Outlook, two apps made by Microsoft itself. Here's what's going on.

Windows 10, why the PC restarts

The computer freezes, the system crashes and the user is forced to restart it. This is what you can guess from the various reports that have appeared online in recent days. The problem seems to be the same for everyone: error c00008 appears on the screen, causing the computer to freeze completely and you are forced to restart it in order to use it again. Savvy users have also discovered the cause: it is an error in the lsass.exe file.

Microsoft has taken note of the problem and assured that it will be fixed as soon as possible, but in the meantime users are forced to live with it. The Windows 10 versions affected by the malfunction are number 1809, 1903, 1909 and 2004, i.e. all those released in the last two years.

Outlook and OneDrive don't work on Windows 10, what's going on

If the problem that forces the user to reboot wasn't bad enough, in the last few weeks two more have been added. Both appeared after the Windows 10 May Update 2020. This time the malfunction affects two rather important apps: OneDrive and Outlook. The former is used to manage files uploaded to your Microsoft cloud space, the latter to check your email addresses. What exactly is going on?

On OneDrive, many users complain that they can't access the files on their personal space. They can view them, but they cannot interact with them. On Outlook, on the other hand, a message appears warning that something has gone wrong and it is necessary to restart the program. Even in these two cases, Microsoft is aware of the problems and will release a corrective patch soon.

How to fix the problem in Windows 10

For the moment, it is not known which PC models are affected by these problems, but the certain thing is that it is creating several headaches for users. Microsoft has confirmed that it is aware of the malfunctions, that it is already working to solve them and that an ad hoc patch should arrive soon. In the meantime, the only way to get back to using your PC is to manually uninstall the June 2020 Security Update directly from Windows Update. However, this way, your PC will not be protected from the 100+ security vulnerabilities fixed by the June Security Update.