Windows 10 update blocked: what’s happening

Microsoft has blocked the Windows 10 update for some computers following reports of problems from users

The release of the May Windows 10 update has been blocked, at least on some computers. This is what the U.S. website The Verge reports, which in recent hours has collected various testimonies of users who found themselves unable to download and install the latest operating system update. A message has appeared on the Windows Update page warning that the PC is not yet ready to receive the update. The reasons for this message are not clear, but it seems to be related to possible compatibility issues with the PC components.

The May Update 2020 was released by Microsoft on May 27 and the release is continuing worldwide these days. But with some problems. The Redmond-based company has published a list with all the bugs and malfunctions reported so far by users and is investigating to try to solve them as soon as possible. Problems that could be precisely the cause of the blocking of the update on some PCs.

Windows 10, your computer is not ready for the update

The May 2020 Windows 10 update will be compatible with all PCs that already now mount Microsoft's operating system. But the release could be staggered over time to make it compatible with older devices as well. This is the meaning of the message that appears within Windows Update and that in the last few hours has popped up on many computers.

To some users the update was just blocked so as not to cause bugs or malfunctions. This is not the first time that Microsoft releases updates that affect the use of some function or some program. And to prevent any problems (which in these hours are becoming numerous), has decided to block the update and release it only when the PC is ready.

For those who do not want to wait there is also the possibility to force the update, but we do not recommend doing so because you may end up with annoying problems with your PC.