IPhone, impossible to call because of an iOS bug

Several users are complaining to Apple because of a bug on iOS 12 that would prevent them from making outbound calls, here's what's going on

In recent days, an increasing number of iPhone users have reported to Apple some problems in making calls. Apparently a new bug in iOS 12 would prevent people from calling from their iPhone.

What happens in detail? Simple, when a person with an iPhone tries to access the calling app some times the smartphone crashes and takes the user back to the main screen of the applephone. Thus effectively making any kind of outgoing call impossible. The bug, according to what online users claim, can't be solved even with a simple restart and not even by exiting and re-entering the calling app. The new iPhone Xs and Xs Max should not be included among the list of devices that have presented this incompatibility with iOS 12 in calls. Although it is still not possible to completely rule out the possibility of bugs on Apple's new top of the line devices as well. For now to complain about this sudden call blocking have been users with an iPhone 7, iPhone 8  and iPhone X. 

How to fix the call blocking problem on iOS 12

At the moment, Apple has let it be known that it is working on an update to put an end to the bug that is blocking calls to some users with iOS 12, in the meantime, the U.S. company has advised its customers who have experienced this problem to save all the data on the phone by making a backup and then perform a restore to the device's factory data. Unfortunately, however, many users who performed an iPhone restore continued to have problems making calls once they reinstalled iOS 12. The problem is therefore in the Cupertino's operating system and not in the compatibility with some devices as initially thought. The problem persists even when updating to iOS 12.0.1 and in addition to blocking outgoing calls the phones involved in the bug do not report other inefficiencies. As mentioned then the hope is that Apple, which still hasn't publicly acknowledged the problem, will release a patch as soon as possible that will permanently fix the bug in its mobile operating system.