3 series similar to The 100 and where to watch them

Those who love sci-fi and thriller content like The 100 have many similar titles available in streaming: here are 3 TV series to watch absolutely.

The 100 (also known as The Hundred) is the sci-fi TV series, created by Jason Rothenberg and based on the novels by Kass Morgan. It consists of 7 seasons, but the last one is not yet available in Italy. In our country, the series is distributed by Netflix.

While waiting for the final episodes to arrive, you can watch several similar series in streaming. But what exactly is The 100 about? The plot is set 97 years after a world war that razed the Earth to the ground. We are then in an apocalyptic world, where a group of 100 young people are sent to our Planet to see if it can still be made habitable. Once landed they will have to face the difficulties of an unknown Planet, but above all fight against the few survivors of mankind, the descendants of the space station called Ark. Apocalypse, survival and science fiction are therefore the ingredients that have made The 100 famous all over the world. Fortunately, you can find several TV series in streaming very similar: here are 3 titles not to be missed.

TV series similar to The 100: Colony on Netflix

The first series is called Colony and here we find a good dose of science fiction and alien invasions. It is set in Los Angeles in the distant future: the city is dominated by aliens, who have invaded the Earth and are isolating humans thanks to high walls between the cities, so that they can not communicate.

The walls are guarded by the Colony Transitional Authority, a military colony run by humans who have chosen to cooperate with the invaders. The protagonist of the series is a family, which has been divided because of the new rules and is trying hard to reunite and trying to fight the occupation.

Colony is available on Netflix.

Manifest on Infinity

Manifest begins with a plane flight from Jamaica to New York. Upon landing, the passengers realize that it's been five years since takeoff but none of them have aged or changed.

They then try to figure out why this happened, even as many families believed them to be missing and dead. Meanwhile, the travelers begin to fall victim to strange phenomena, the calls. There is a huge mystery involved that each of the passengers tries to solve. The series is full of twists and turns and very similar to The 100, for the thriller and sci-fi elements.

Manifest can be watched on Infinity.

The Society on Netflix

The latest TV series that might appeal to fans of The 100 is also available on Netflix and is titled The Society. The protagonists are teenagers immersed in a dystopian reality, where adults do not exist. Initially, the unregulated life seems very fun and carefree, but soon the teens realize that in order to live it is necessary to re-establish hierarchies and rules, then restore their old society. In addition, they undertake to understand what happened to the adults of the city, who suddenly disappeared, and therefore also to their parents.

The Society is created by Christopher Keyser and directed by Tara Nicole Weyr and Marc Webb. Netflix unfortunately decided to suspend the show, the filming of which was also made impossible due to Covid-19, but the first season is available on the streaming platform.