5 tips to create the website of your clothing store

To expand the business of your clothing store is necessary to open a website: here's what to do to make it perfect

The clothing industry is the one that has suffered most from the effects of the economic crisis of the past years. To further complicate business, then, came the many e-commerce that allow you to buy various items and shoes directly from your desk at home at prices usually lower than those of a store.

This does not mean that for small and medium sellers there is no hope. On the contrary: thanks to the web they can expand their business and increase the volume of sales. The important thing is to be able to carve out - or, even better, create - their own commercial niche and take advantage of all the opportunities that the Web offers. Creating a site with e-commerce, therefore, is the starting point for a clothing store that wants to see its online presence grow. To be successful in such a competitive industry, however, it is necessary to follow some steps to create an attractive website and use the tools available on the Net.

Invest in SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and indicates the strategies used to emerge on search engines. If you want to be successful with your e-commerce you can't ignore investing in SEO: getting traffic from search engines allows you to make your website and your store known and to increase sales and turnover. Adopting a good SEO strategy is not easy and it is necessary to invest some time on the matter. First of all you need to choose on which keywords you want to position your website. It is preferable, at least at the beginning, to focus on a niche market so that the results come faster. The keywords on which to focus should contain the characteristics of the products we sell. For example, if we are a vintage clothes store the most important keywords are "vintage clothes store"; "cheap vintage clothes", "vintage clothes 50s". To choose which keywords to "invest" in you can use free programs like Answerthepublic or Google's Keyword Planner.

Quality and live photos

Photos make the difference between success and failure. Especially when it comes to clothing and outfits. One of the main problems you have to defeat when it comes to a clothing ecommerce site is the difficulty for users to choose the size and understand how the shirt is made. That's why we recommend you to take "live" pictures, with "real" models (you could also ask your family and friends for help) that show how the t-shirts, pants and everything you have for sale are made. Don't forget to check the light in the photos: dark images are not an invitation to buy.


One way to engage your customers is to send them periodic emails alerting them to new arrivals and promotions. Newsletters are one of the easiest ways to attract traffic to your website. But in order to send the emails you need to get the consent and the email address of the users/customers.

About us and geolocation

One of the secrets to be successful with an e-commerce is the relationship of trust that is established with the users/customers. For this reason it is necessary to create an ad hoc page to describe "who we are" and where the physical location of the store is located. In this way, if the user/customer lives nearby, he/she will be able to drop by the store and see live the dress he/she wanted to buy (and why decide to buy two products instead of one).