Amazon has banned itself: the reason is unbelievable

It left surprised the decision of Twitch towards one of the official Amazon Prime Video channels. All because of rules that are perhaps too strict: what happened

When it comes to rules, Twitch applies them in an extremely rigid and precise way. Also by taking measures that raise not a few perplexities in the eyes of others. What happened in the last few hours, just with the official Spanish channel of Amazon Prime Video, is a good example: the rules of Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, are valid even when it's Amazon itself who makes a mistake.

The triggering factor, in itself, undoubtedly falls within the measures established by the rules of the live streaming platform. A nipple, which appeared in the video for a few seconds, would have caused the ban of any channel present, in line with what is established by the rules of conduct currently in force to protect members of all ages who connect daily to watch broadcasts, live or deferred in on-demand mode. What has left many stunned, however, is the relationship between the two companies: in 2014, three years after its official launch, Amazon acquired Twitch becoming to all intents and purposes the owner of the company.

Ban of Amazon Prime Video on Twitch, the facts

To cause the paradoxical situation that has seen the blocking of the channel of Amazon Prime Video Spain from Twitch was an unfortunate move of Henar Alvarez, host for Amazon Prime Video of the program "Esto es un late". Raising her shirt, with an obviously goliardic attitude, the girl has unintentionally put on display her breasts, thus breaking the guidelines for the community.

Alvarez immediately sensed what happened, commenting first during the live broadcast and, later, publishing from his Twitter profile a tweet with an ironic "How do I explain this to my bosses?". Promptly came the response of Prime Video Spain that, for the future, has suggested to her to always wear a bra under her clothes.

As expected for those who violate the rules for the first time, the measure caused the obstruction for 24 hours of the channel from the platform. Upon returning to the video, Henar apologized for the situation and the consequences caused by her act, without giving up the irony that characterizes the conduct of the show.

Twitch, the rules and contradictions

Frequenters of the platform, however, have not failed to notice that some rules are applied differently depending on the accounts in question. Although Twitch's policies are extremely strict on the issue of "nudity", forbidding to all those who present themselves as female individuals to show their nipples or the lower part of their breasts, there are cases of streamers who manage to stay within the allowed limits showing, however, attitudes much more sensual and much less ironic than Alvarez.

This is the case of Amouranth that, between the streaming in more than skimpy clothes of his "Hot Tub" and the meta Twister, the famous game with the colored circles practiced, however, in tight tops and leggings and that leave little to the imagination of the most imaginative, they manage to circumvent the rules without running into the tight mesh of the network, becoming not only a phenomenon of the web but managing to monetize staggering figures through Twitch.