Amazon Prime Video: movies and TV series expiring in November 2021

Each month Prime Video updates its catalog of movies and TV series to watch in streaming, and at the same time eliminates the older ones: all titles expiring in November 2021

Prime Video updates and expands its offer of movies and TV series to watch in streaming, putting "order" in its online catalog each month. This implies that some titles will be removed from the catalog of Amazon's streaming platform and there is little time left to watch them.

Usersersers who do not want to miss a single movie or TV series among those now available will have a limited time to watch TV series like Mistresses, anime like ViVid Strike and movies like The Spies and even documentaries like the one on Francesco Totti. Checking if the movie or TV series you want to watch is among those that are about to be deleted from the catalog of titles included with the Amazon Prime Video subscription will take just a few seconds. After opening the page, a message will appear underneath the title and description, warning users how many days it will still be available. And if it's about to expire, you shouldn't miss out on the benefit of watching the title as long as it's included in Prime Video's vast catalog.

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Amazon Prime Video: TV series expiring in November

Those who would have liked to see Mistresses, the 2013 TV series about four friends who face their complicated lives together, will have to resign themselves to not seeing it on Prime Video. As of Nov. 2, the four seasons of Mistresses are no longer available on the streaming platform.

Also expiring in November are many anime series, which Prime Video has been focusing on in recent months. November 6 is the last day to watch ViVid Strike, about the lives of the two orphans Fuuka and Rinne, while on November 16, season 1 of Lamu, the Girl from Space will be removed from the catalog. Among the anime series that could be eliminated from the catalog in November we also find the first season of Berserk, that Ken the Warrior - The Trilogy, Judo Boy, Assassination Classroom: Korosensei Quest, Cutie Honey UniverseĀ  and the first season of My Santa.

Amazon Prime Video: movies expiring in November

Among the movies expiring in November 2021 on Prime Video we find Qua la paw 2, which will be eliminated from November 3, while until November 8 there is time to see the comic adventure Le Spie. Until November 15 will be available the cult Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta playing Tony Manero, while until November 19 you can watch A Fistful of Friends. For the Beatles-inspired film Yesterday, there is time until November 21.

Other films expiring in November include American Assassin, Van Helsing, Lost in Translation, 28 Days Later, the classic The Blues Brothers, Call Me By Your Name, 5 Years of Engagement, Jay and Silent Bob - Return to Hollywood and Sleepers. Among the proposals expiring also two souls of the nineties: City Hunter - A million dollar plotĀ and City Hunter - War at the Bay City Hotel.

Amazon Prime Video: documentaries expiring in November

For those who do not want to miss the documentary on the life of Francesco Totti and his farewell to soccer, there is time until November 15. After that date, the documentary Mi chiamo Francesco Totti will be deleted from the titles included in the Prime Video subscription.

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