American Horror Stories: the spin off arrives

The anticipation grows for the release on July 15: the premiere of the spin off of the horror series American Horror Story.

The spin off of AHS American Horror Story will be released in mid-July. Ralph Murphy's ideas are rampant and he is a guarantee when it comes to suspense, horror and drama: he is the creator of Ratchet and The Politician. His genius has come to design American Horror Stories rib of the award-winning series AHS from which it clearly takes its name.

The anthology series American Horror Story also called AHS, the mother of the spin-off, is a U.S. TV drama broadcast on the FX cable network that unfortunately for the pandemic has seen slipped in time the production and distribution of the new tenth season. So its creator, Ralph Murphy, thought it was time for a spin-off of the series: American Horror Stories. 

He had already announced his intentions in mid-November 2020 with the publication of the poster of the new work: in the image a porcelain face broken into a spider's web with a fleshy mouth, tinged with a red lipstick that drips. The hands that guard the face are covered with lattex: a clear evocation of Rubber Man, a successful season of the parent series AHS.

Fears take a new form in American Horror Stories

Fears take a new form: just the opening words of the clip that announces for July 15 the first episode of the long-awaited American Horror Stories. The spin off of the successful series is just around the corner and has already convinced with whispers, atmosphere and suspense of the few seconds that FX has put online for fans. It does not tell us much of the episodes, but crosses, skulls and hands asking for help mortgage the success of the spin off of the horror show that reinvented the genre.

We are sure that fear will take on new forms soon on Disney +

American Horror Stories spin off trivia

Ralph Murphy, father of the original series, has created 16 episodes, of which initially  we will see only the first seven. Each episode will last one hour. As in the original series, the anthological nature of the fiction is confirmed in the spin-off.

Each episode will tell a different and self-concluding story, which will end in itself.

The episodes should be classic horror and blood with a mix of mythology and legends; or they will be single ghost stories as rumors suggested a few months ago.

In American Horror Stories we find the participation of faces already known to AHS as Sarah Paulson, who will also try her hand at directing, but also new actors and old acquaintances of Murphy: Kevin McHale, former character of Glee and also Charles Melton that we saw in American Horror Story: Hotel.