Android bug: low battery in a few hours. How to solve

Some users have encountered a new bug on Android that consumes all the battery in a very short time, here's what's happening and how to solve the problem

An internal bug in Android can consume in a few hours all the battery of our smartphone. A real nightmare especially if we are out and about and for work we need to use the phone. Here's what's going on.

As pointed out by several users, every time you switch from an app to the phone's home screen or you're browsing through the various apps installed on your device, GPS geolocation is activated, thus quickly draining the device's battery. The bug affects the Android source code itself, regardless of the customizations applied by manufacturer or user. In short, even if we try to change the launcher, we won't be able to solve the problem. There are already several users who have reported this problem to Mountain View that in an official note has made it known that within a few days will release an Android update to remedy the bug that consumes all the battery of smartphones. In the meantime, what can users do to avoid having in their hands a phone that drains continuously and in a very short time? Fortunately, there are a number of tricks that we can use to counteract this new Android bug.

How to fix Android battery bug

As mentioned there are some actions that we can take to avoid finding ourselves without battery in a short time on our Android phone. First of all, let's always remember to disable geo-location on our phone. In this way we have less chance that the operating system will automatically start GPS tracking to send information about our location. This is a tip to be put into practice always and not only for this new Android bug, in this way we will protect our privacy more.

Secondly we can connect to the website to download the APK and manually install the update with the bug fixed by Google. This way we won't have to wait for Mountain View to release an automatic update that applies to everyone to fix the range issue on our green robot device.