Android, new tool to block call center calls

Google is testing a feature to help users automatically recognize call center calls. Here's how it works

Google is testing a new feature for Android's Phone app (the one used to make calls) that could solve the problem of call centers and telemarketers once and for all. In recent years, the Mountain View company has experimented with different tools to put a brake on "robocalls", i.e., phone calls from automated call centers, without ever finding a definitive solution. That's why many users turn to third-party apps to block calls from call centers.

Now, however, Google is testing a feature called "Verified Calls" in Brazil. What is it all about? Businesses can send Big G their phone number, logo and information about their business so that it can appear on the user's smartphone screen when they receive a call from these businesses. The tool was created to protect people from any unwanted calls, so they can know the nature of the call right away.

What is it and how does Verified Calls work

Verified Calls, which in the Italian version of Android should arrive under the name of "Verified Calls", is a new feature integrated into the Phone app of the operating system.

Verified Calls is a new feature integrated in the Phone app of the operating system. It is designed first of all to give the possibility to companies to obtain a sort of verification badge from Google: in this way, when a user receives a call from the company, its logo and name will appear on the screen of the smartphone.

Secondly, it is also a defense system for the users themselves, who seeing which company is calling them can decide not to answer and hang up. Very useful especially to defend themselves from call center and telemarketing calls. In fact, a call center is unlikely to ask for a verification badge and the person can immediately understand the nature of the call. If the logo and the name of the company don't appear, then it will mean that it is a telemarketing call.

When the new feature arrives

For the moment it is being tested only in Brazil. The confirmation comes directly from Google, which, when asked by the website The Verge, said it is not yet sure that the function will arrive worldwide.

How to block unwanted calls on Android

In the meantime, users have a few options to block unwanted calls on Android. First and foremost, it is possible to blacklist a phone number in order to block it. To do so, you need to go into the Phone app, press on the three vertical dots present next to the number and then select "Block Number". Alternatively, you can use ad hoc apps that alert you when a call is made from a call center.