Apple: 70 million OLED screens for iPhone 8

Samsung has increased its production of OLED screens, an investment that will be covered by Apple, which plans to buy 95 million screens for the iPhone 8

Samsung recently increased its production of OLED screens for a total expenditure of about $9 billion. Much of the expense will be largely repaid by Apple. Yes, because the historic rival of the South Korean giant will buy 70 million OLED displays to be mounted on its new iPhone 8.

The iPhone X, the new top of the range Apple that will be released in September, will most likely be the only smartphone this year to mount an OLED screen. It seems obvious therefore that Samsung will sell its screens almost exclusively to Cupertino. Also because Samsung will be the only supplier for Apple of OLED screens. According to various rumors, the 70 million displays could become 95 million depending on the success of Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone device. The other two smartphones to be launched in this 2017, namely the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, will mount LCD screens.

Facial Recognition

In the meantime, confirmations arrive on the front camera of the iPhone 8 that will be revolutionary. In fact, it will have 3D facial recognition, useful for identity identification and unlocking the smartphone. As already stated the smartphone will have a 5.2-inch display. Smartphone that will have slightly curved edges and will not have the Home button that will be integrated as well as the fingerprint sensor directly in the screen. The starting price will be close to one thousand euros and the iPhone 8 will be equipped with wireless charging. According to early estimates Apple will sell 100 million new models in 2017, of these 55 million will be iPhone 8 with OLED screen. For any confirmation we just have to wait for the official presentation scheduled for September, but surely there will be more confirmations before, on which we will keep you constantly updated.