Apple is preparing to launch the new iPad: how it will be

Apple is preparing to launch the ninth generation iPad in 2021: first rumors indicate a larger display for a tablet less thick and lighter

First rumors about the next launch on the calendar for Apple: this time it's the turn of the new iPad, the Cupertino tablet that so will reach its ninth generation. With it, should also arrive the next model of iPad Air and already on the network there are questions about what will be the new features that will characterize the product of the company led by Tim Cook.

The eighth-generation iPad arrived only a few months ago but already the rumors about the line 2021 are getting stronger and stronger among the best known tipster and fans of the devices of the bitten apple on the network. The rumor comes just a handful of weeks after the new iPhones and even less after the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that brought with them the M1 proprietary chip revolution that has garnered critical acclaim thanks to its noteworthy features. What we can expect from the iPad of the future, however, is still under discussion even if experts, also in light of what happened in the past, have already formulated their ideas and assumptions.

iPad ninth generation, what could change in the future?

It's the brain of the iPad and, as every year, it is the first element to undergo a substantial update, especially in terms of performance. We're talking about the chipset that, with the ninth generation, should reach the A13 version, as it usually happens with every new launch.

The other novelty that is being discussed on the net is the screen that, next year, could increase in size reaching 10.5 inches, with an increase of 0.3" compared to the predecessor. The same goes for the thickness, lower than the last generations, and the weight, lower than the 483 grams (493 gr. in the wi-fi+cell phone version) of the past.

Interesting are also the possibilities that hover around the internal memory and the starting price of the basic version. As for the storage space, the smallest denomination should start from 64GB, twice as much as the 32GB of the iPad of 2020, while the price could be even lower, starting from only 299 dollars for the American market, or about 250 euros.

iPad ninth generation, what will remain the same as in the past?

To not undergo a complete restyling of the will be, at least according to what decreed by experts, a part of the design that is very important to end users, namely the connector. In all likelihood it will remain the proprietary Lightning format, discarding once again the adoption of the most universal port, or USB type-C, present on almost all devices produced outside of Apple.

The same goes for the Home button, equipped with Touch ID sensor, now become a classic on the iPad, with an attached frame that steals millimeters - albeit few - to the width of the screen. Despite the fact that other devices have already adopted the Face ID facial recognition system, for greater security Cupertino's tablets may remain faithful to this choice.

iPad ninth generation, the timing of the launch

In terms of time, the generation number nine of Apple's tablets should make its official debut no earlier than spring 2021. We will therefore have to wait a few more months so that the assumptions can materialize in certain information and adhering to the reality of the facts.