Apple relaunches: ready a version of iMessage for Android?

After the Google Play Store version of Apple Music, the company seems intent on expanding the market for its messaging platform

The die is cast. Maybe. Apple, after having explored the Android market with its music app, seems to intend to include a version for Google Play Store even for iMessage. For now it's just rumors but it seems there are already two prototypes different from the iOS and MacOS versions.

Apple ready to launch iMessage for Android? iMessage is the messaging platform developed by Apple. One of the main reasons why many users have abandoned an Android device. Precisely for this reason for many it seems impossible for the company to deprive itself of this source of attraction on the market. Even Apple executives have responded that keeping iMessage exclusive will increase iPhone and iPad sales. Many do not believe these answers, however. On the contrary, on the net the news has bounced that Apple is testing two new prototypes of its platform to be dedicated to Android. One with the classic Apple style and the other adapted.

Why focus on Android?

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Those who support the thesis of the enlargement of iMessage on Android guarantee that this will not imply a loss in sales, on the contrary it will increase the market available for Apple. Android users, in fact, are more inclined to test applications with very different interfaces and ways of use. And they represent a new, and apparently fruitful, market segment for Apple apps. Those with subscription or paid services. To support these theses there are also the declarations of Tim Cook, Apple CEO, that has recently declared how to widen the market of the applications to other platforms could be one of the keys of success for the future of the company.

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