Apple vs Nokia: Withings products out of Cupertino stores

Apple and Nokia are at loggerheads in court over a patent issue. So Cupertino kicks out the Finnish-owned company's smartwatches

Apple and Nokia are heating up to wage war on each other in court and there's no shortage of low blows too.

Apple and Nokia are warming up to fight in court and there's no shortage of low blows. Withings, a Nokia-owned company that, until a few days ago, quietly sold its smartwatches and fitness apps in Apple stores, is the target of the dispute between the two hi-tech giants. Apple, therefore, sues a group of companies that, together with Nokia, would have devised a system to "squeeze" money out of all cell phone manufacturers by inflating the cost of "essential" patents, while the Finns respond by filing a lawsuit against Apple for using its patents without paying the due royalties.

Withings smart products out of Apple Stores

The first company to suffer is Nokia-owned Withings, which makes smartwatches, and related apps, for fitness and health such as heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitoring tools and general body analysis. Products it used to sell through physical and online Apple Stores that have now disappeared from the shelves. Nokia bought Withings just a few months ago in the spring for an estimated $192 million to add it to its Health Unit Digital.