Baby 3, the last season arrives in September on Netflix

Confirmed the arrival of Baby 3: the last season will be available on Netflix in September 2020

A video posted on Netflix's social channels was enough to rekindle the passion of those who loved the TV series Baby, one of the first original content made in Italy by the video streaming platform. The video trailer was used to announce the arrival in September 2020 of the third and final season of Baby, a TV series that has dealt with a very particular theme and that has interested thousands of Italians.

The TV series, in fact, is based on a true story: the ring of baby prostitutes discovered by the police several years ago and that involved girls from the "good Rome". Young girls (then minors) who ended up in a prostitution ring that involved wealthy people. The TV series starts from the true story and tells the vicissitudes of Chiara and Ludovica, two girls who attend the Collodi private high school and who become part of a baby-squillo ring. The first and second season of Baby have shown us a particular world and at the same time surreal, so much so as to seem almost fake. But instead it's all real. Baby's third season will close the story and show us how it will end.

When Baby 3 comes out

Netflix has announced that Baby 3 will be released in September 2020. The third and final season of the TV series will put an end to the story that starred Chiara and Ludovica. Baby 3 is expected to consist of a total of eight episodes lasting about 40-50 minutes. Netflix managed to stick to the schedule and not delay the release of the TV series: in fact, filming was finished just before the lockdown began and the quarantine period was used for post-production.

The trailer shows some scenes of Baby 3 in which Chiara and Ludovica are even more connected and united in a story that led them to know a sick world.

How to watch Baby on Netflix

While waiting for the official release of Baby 3, you can review on Netflix the first two seasons of the TV series. To do so, you need to be a subscriber and use a device compatible with the platform. To stream Baby you need to launch the app, enter your credentials and search for Baby. A box will appear on the screen with the TV series Baby and clicking on it will open the dedicated tab where you can choose which episode to review.