Call of Duty: Warzone hides secret missions: how to activate them

Call of Duty:Warzone features Fracture Missions that allow you to get extra experience points: here's how to complete them

Call of Duty: Warzone has accustomed us in recent weeks to easter eggs, i.e. additional content that allows you to get skins or experience points for free by completing special missions. In the previous weeks, with the opening of the bunkers, there was a special mission to complete in Malloppo mode that allowed you to open bunker 11. To do so, you had to wander around the map looking for phones in order to receive a three-digit code that corresponded to the location of the various phones.

With the beginning of Season 4, the developers of Infinity Ward have prepared a new easter egg: the Fracture Missions. These are special missions that are activated in specific locations on the Warzone map and force you to go in search of documents and information located in Verdansk. Completing these missions will earn you extra experience points, which will be very useful for completing the Season 4 Battle Pass as soon as possible. But where are these Fracture Missions activated? And what do you have to do?

Where are the Fracture Missions activated in Call of Duty: Warzone

There are six fracture missions in Call of Duty: Warzone and each one has a different objective. The only thing that is certain is that in order to start them, you have to be the first to arrive at the activation location and you have to shoot a lot in the map of Verdansk. Where are the six activation locations located?

One is inside TV Station, on a large desk with children on it, the second is inside Airport, while the third is on the Control Tower. The remaining three are located in the Military Base area, among the tents and buildings nearby. To activate them, you just need to get close and press the button that appears on the screen. At this point you'll have to start going around the map in search of information to collect: when you complete the mission you'll get extra experience points. Those hoping to get skins will be disappointed.