Cashback: here comes the refund, what to do if it’s wrong

The first users of the Christmas Cashback program have already received the refund: what to do now and what happens if the refund is wrong?

Good news for those who participated in the Extra Cashback program, better known as "Christmas Cashback": refunds of 10% of purchases made with electronic payments (for a maximum of 150 euros in total) are in fact being given. Previously it had been officially communicated that the refunds would have been credited by March 1, so the timing has been respected.

Not everyone has already received the refund and it will take a few days to finish the procedures: to be entitled to the refund are in fact 3.2 million Italians, for a total amount that amounts to 222 million euros. The average refund is about 46 euros, because only 3.2% of the participants managed to accumulate the maximum cashback of 150 euros due to the few days available, since the Extra Cashback was valid for purchases made from December 8 to 31 and in the early days there were major problems with the computer infrastructure (and big misunderstandings by users) that have made lose millions of cumulative transactions.

Cashback refund coming: what to do

The answer to this question is simple: nothing. The refund is automatically credited to the IBAN indicated in the IO app. Already at the end of the first Cashback period, a few days later to be precise, on the IO app it was possible to see how much the accrued refund amounted to.

This figure, neither one euro more nor one less, is the one that users should see credited in these days.

What to do if the refund is wrong

If, on the other hand, the refund received does not correspond to the one shown by IO (or does not arrive by the end of February) it means that there has been a problem and that it is necessary to appeal.

The public company that manages both refunds and appeals of Cashback is Consap Spa, which has created a special portal through which users can report an incorrect refund. The Cashback Complaints Portal can be found at this web address.

How the Cashback Complaints Portal Works

To make a complaint you must register with the portal, providing your name, surname and email address. Per i rimborsi del Cashback di Natale è possibile fare reclamo entro il 29 giugno 2021 (perché il 30 giugno termina il periodo del primo Cashback di Stato ordinario semestrale del 2021).

Il reclamo, però, potrà essere fatto solo in caso di mancato o errato rimborso: se il problema sono le transazioni mancanti, infatti, bisogna rivolgersi a PagoPa, l’altra società pubblica che gestisce invece tutta l’infrastruttura del Cashback.

Affinché il reclamo venga preso in considerazione e processato da Consap, infine, è necessario allegare alla domanda “eventuale documentazione a sostegno della richiesta di rettifica del rimborso ricevuto, per esempio scontrini POS, utili a consentire le verifiche del caso“. Consap ha 30 giorni di tempo per rispondere al reclamo.