Cashback: when will we be sure of the refund

Final rush for Christmas Cashback: in a few hours the program closes. Here are all the last deadlines, one of which could make us lose our refunds.

The Christmas Cashback program is running out of time: after archiving at least in part the many technical problems (here is the justification by PagoPA), to accumulate useful transactions we have time in theory until 23:59 on December 31, but the curfew for Covid-19 is at 22:00, so in practice the time available is even less. But, speaking of time, how much time will it take to be sure of having reached 10 valid transactions and how much to know how much the cashback amounts to?

I, on Facebook, has already put my hands forward: let's forget about having the security of the cashback already on New Year's Eve 2021 because it won't be like that. In fact, it will take time both to account for the last transactions on December 31 and to quantify the reimbursement for every single participant in the program. More time, then, will be needed to disburse the amount accrued on the IBAN indicated by the user. Much less time, however, the user has to indicate this IBAN and if he doesn't hurry he even risks losing the refund. The time factor, it is understood, is fundamental to obtain the desired 10% refund on (valid) purchases made in physical stores with electronic payment methods.

Christmas Cashback: when transactions are counted

As IO has repeatedly specified both in its FAQ and on the IO Facebook page, the public services app, between the time you swipe your card to pay at the store and the time the transaction is displayed and counted as valid in the app it takes up to 3 days.

As hundreds and hundreds of users have repeatedly pointed out, however, it's not at all uncommon for it to take much longer. So it's by no means out of the question that a purchase made on December 31 in the afternoon won't show up in the app until January 5-6. Or even later.

If the purchases made on December 31 are the last to reach the 10 valid transactions, then, we may have to wait even the entire first week of January to be sure of getting the refund. The good thing is that it is the date and time of the transaction and not when it is accounted for.

Christmas cashback: when the refund is calculated

Once we are sure to be entitled to cashback, however, we still do not know exactly how much it will amount to. The rule clearly provides that, while nominally dealing with 10% of the amounts spent, up to a maximum of 150 euros, if the money will not be enough for all the maximum amount will be reduced proportionally.

And then it will be calculated, and it will take time. From the latest calculations, however, it would seem that due to technical problems and poor initial information, the valid transactions have been so few that the money to be divided will be enough for everyone.

In any case, IO, on Facebook, specifies that to get the exact amount of the reimbursement that we are due will take up to 10 days.

Cashback di Natale: quando viene erogato il rimborso

Quando saremo sicuri di aver maturato il cashback, quando sapremo a quanto ammonta il rimborso, inizieremo a chiederci quando tale rimborso arriverà sul conto corrente da noi inserito nell’app IO.

La guida al cashback presente sul sito Web ufficiale di IO risponde in modo secco a questa domanda: febbraio 2021. Per fortuna il 2021 non è bisestile, quindi i soldi potrebbero arrivare entro il 28.

Cashback di Natale: correte a inserire l’IBAN

A fronte di tempi molto elastici nella gestione del programma Cashback di Natale gli utenti hanno invece un tempo entro il quale devono indicare l’IBAN del conto corrente sul quale vogliono ricevere il rimborso.

Una tempistica rigida, che non ammette eccezioni: “entro la fine del periodo di riferimento“. Cioè, nel caso del Cashback di Natale, entro il 31 dicembre. Chi non rispetta questa data perde il cashback, anche se ha fatto tutte le transazioni valide entro domani sera.