Christmas 2019: the best hi-tech gifts for seniors

Among the best hi-tech Christmas gifts for seniors are eReaders, smartphones with big keys, robot vacuum cleaners and small fun gadgets.

Technological gifts for seniors, which allow our friends or relatives of a certain age to simplify their lives and to enter the world of the Web, are certainly a valid and appreciated alternative to traditional gifts such as perfumes, socks or slippers.

What are the most interesting, easiest to use and most appreciated tech gadgets of 2019 for seniors? You can discover our selection of 5 hi-tech gifts by continuing reading this article.

The best Christmas 2019 tech gifts for seniors

If you want to succeed in finding the perfect hi-tech gift for Christmas, you should take into consideration the usefulness it can have for the gentleman or lady you plan to give it to, as well as its ease of use. We have taken this into account in the following list, so as to make your choice easier.

Parrot Pot

Parrot Pot is an evergreen technological gift that, given its practicality, in recent years has been given by many people to their elderly loved ones to coincide with the Christmas period. It is a smart pot that does not need to be watered every day: it takes care of the needs of the plant or flowers by itself. How? Simply connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Through the Parrot Flower Power application, the elderly person with a green thumb can decide the humidity level and the time when they want to water their flowers.

Parrot Pot is therefore perfect for seniors who are away from home for a long time, such as on vacation.

Parrot Pot is perfect for seniors who have been away from home for a long time, such as on vacation, for example. When they return, they can find the plant just as healthy as they left it.

A tablet for seniors, like the iPad Mini 5

Thinking that technology can't help people of a certain age is wrong. There are several studies that confirm how technology can prove to be a form of depression prevention. Among the hi-tech gifts to make for Christmas 2019, the tablet for seniors is the one that most absolutely offers continuous fun activities, especially in those contexts such as nursing homes or in moments of loneliness where the days can prove monotonous.

Among the tablets for seniors, we recommend the iPad Mini 5. Apple, in the design of its products aims, in fact, to an unlimited target, not only in order to increase profits, but also to put its quality at the service of all: and the iPad Mini 5 is the perfect synthesis! The iPad Mini 5 does not have small fonts: these are replaced by bright letters and vivid icons, the apps are "at your fingertips" and some of them are designed to entertain grandparents, such as "Grandfather's Knowledge", a collection of ancient sayings and pearls of wisdom much loved by those who are a little bit older.

A cell phone for seniors like Brondi

Although there are several seniors who can quickly learn to use a smartphone, after a few years, the eyesight decreases, and for many it can be difficult to read the keypad well: among the technological gadgets for Christmas 2019 you might think then of a cell phone with large keys.

The company Brondi has created a collection of phones particularly suitable for the elderly, the Easy Phones Standard line. In particular, Amico Semplice + Brondi is a really easy to use cell phone, thanks to the particularly large keys, which allow you to easily type the phone number. There is also the lifesaver, thanks to the SOS button that, once pressed, calls the contacts stored.

An ebook reader, such as the Kindle PaperWhite

The elderly love ebooks because, in addition to being a lighter weight than paper books, reading them through an eReader provides better comfort, because you can, for example, enlarge the characters and increase the contrast between the text and the background.

Among the technological gadgets of 2019, the best choice can only fall on the well-known Kindle PaperWhite: the screen has a density of 300p, which allows you to read any text; the new Bookerly font further simplifies the reading of books. This e-book reader can be purchased for 129.99 euros on Amazon.

Robot vacuum cleaner, such as the iRobot Roomba 960

If you're looking for hi-tech gifts for seniors, you might want to target a technological tool that can help them in their everyday life. The robot vacuum cleaner, which collects dirt on the floor, is what's best at the moment.

The iRobot Roomba 960 ensures a complete cleaning of the whole house, thanks to the navigation system iAdapt 2.0 with Visual Localization. Through the official app, you can also set the time at which to start the robot, a very useful feature when grandparents are not present in the house.