Come ricevere il cashback senza SPID e app IO: le alternative

I primi issuer convenzionati annunciano le loro soluzioni per il Cashback: si potranno ottenere i rimborsi, già a Natale, senza avere SPID o CIE e senza usare l'app IO.

Cashback di Natale senza SPID, CIE e app IO? Si può fare: stanno per arrivare le prime soluzioni messe in campo dagli “issuer convenzionati“, come previsto dal Decreto 156 firmato il 24 novembre 2020 dal Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze.  Con il termine di issuer convenzionato il decreto intende il soggetto (banca o società finanziaria) che ha erogato all’utente una carta o app di pagamento e che ha stipulato una convenzione con pagoPA SpA.

As we've already explained in our guide on when you need the SPID to get Cashback, in fact, the methods to enroll in the Cashless Italia Program are currently two: the first is to use the IO app, and is the one officially recommended by the Government, the second is to contact your bank or whoever manages our card or payment app. Of course, the mechanism is already in place for IO (although there is no shortage of reports of problems with the IO app), which is managed directly by pagoPA (which is under the direct control of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers), while it needs to be fine-tuned in the case of private entities. The first private entities that have announced the possibility of managing transactions for the purpose of cashback are Hype, Satispay and Nexi, but others are coming soon. Here's how to get Cashback in the easiest way.

Cashback without Spid: how to use Hype

Hype is one of the most popular payment cards in Italy and is already ready for Christmas Cashback. As of December 8, in fact, those who have one of these cards will simply have to access the Hype app where they will find the "State Cashback" section. Entering this section, with a few taps, you can join the Italia Cashless program and start using the card to make expenditures that will be valid for the purposes of Cashback.

Cashback without Spid: how to use Satispay

The Satispay app allows you to access Christmas cashback without having to use the PA IO app. You will only need to have an active Satispay account, or activate one, to make payments that will be included in the cashback initiative launched by the government. In addition, the cashback will be added to the additional discounts that Satispay has already agreed with local merchants.

Since December 8, therefore, it will be possible to use the new feature that can be reached through the Services menu of the Satispay app. In the next few weeks, the app will be equipped with a new function that will allow users to monitor their accumulated cashback and their position in the Super Cashback ranking, the six-monthly prize of 1500 euros for the 100,000 people who have made the most electronic payments as part of the Piano Italia Cashless initiative.

Cashback without Spid: how to use Yap and Nexi Pay

Nexi Pay and Yap will also allow users to take advantage of cashback without having to register with SPID and download the IO app. Nexi guarantees that from December 8, the two apps will allow you to join the cashback with very few steps and in a completely safe way.

For those who use Nexi Pay, purchases from smartphones using Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, as well as those made with electronic payment cards, will also be considered valid for cashback.

Those who choose Yap, on the other hand, will find from December 8 a special section dedicated to cashback and what they earn will be credited directly in the app. In addition, there will be two more benefits using Yap. Nexi will allow you to earn up to 100 euros with Cashback Invite Friends, which can be spent online at Amazon. The other initiative is the Forziere Cashback Edition, which allows you to win up to 100 euros.

For those who have not yet downloaded Yap, you will need to do so and perform the registration that requires entering your phone number, email, personal data, a valid ID and make a video for recognition. This is a much simpler registration procedure than the one required by SPID to access the IO app.

Bancomat: zero commissions up to 5 euros spent

To encourage electronic payments even for small amounts, the Cashless Italy Plan launches a project that zeroes commissions for transactions made on the PagoBancomat circuit for amounts up to 5 euros. From January 2021 and until December 31, 2023, circuit and interbank commissions will therefore be reduced to zero if even small amounts, up to 5 euros, are paid with an ATM card. A measure that concerns over 35 million Italians and 2 million merchants and that could be extended beyond 2023.