Coop Voce data network not working, what’s going on

Coop Voce has not been working since the early hours of December 6. The problems mainly concern the data network. Here's what's happening

Coop Voce is down. Since the early hours of this morning, December 6, 2019, Coop Voce customers have been reporting problems with their smartphone internet connection: you can't surf and the data network is absent. A bad awakening for thousands of customers throughout Italy.

The problem seems to be generalized throughout the Bel Paese: the reports on, a site that collects user complaints, come from the North to the South, from Lombardy to Sicily. What is happening? For the moment we do not know the causes of the inefficiency: Coop Voce is a virtual operator and relies on the TIM network. As mentioned, the problem mainly concerns the data network, with users unable to connect to the Internet and surf. In some cases the Coop Voce network is completely down not even allowing users to call. A serious problem that surely Coop Voce technicians are trying to solve as soon as possible.

Why Coop Voce doesn't let you surf the Internet

Coop Voce is not working and doesn't allow users to connect to the data network of their subscription. A problem that is affecting all customers of the virtual phone operator, from North to South. Coop Voce relies on TIM infrastructure and therefore the inefficiency could affect both telephone operators, although so far TIM users have not reported any inefficiency.

Reading the reports of users on social networks and online forums, the inefficiency mainly concerns the data network, but in some cases Coop Voce does not work completely, not even allowing to make calls. For the moment we do not know the reasons for the network down, but surely the technicians are working to solve it as quickly as possible. We will keep you updated.

Update 10:40 am. The service is working again.