DAZN free, goodbye to the trial month: what’s happening

From October 7, it will no longer be possible to subscribe to DAZN and get the first month free. The decision comes after the agreement signed with Sky

October 6, 2019 is the last day to subscribe to DAZN and receive a free month of watching the platform. The news comes directly from the website of the online platform where among the useful information we find written "The first free month is a promotional offer valid until 06/10/2019 subject to the subscription of a DAZN subscription."

An important decision that taken by DAZN that decides to eliminate one of the additional services offered to users who subscribed to the platform. But it is certainly not the first to do so. In the past months also Netflix has decided to cancel the free month trial (and then put it back in and eliminate it again). The reason is simple: many users were creating fake emails to "test" the platform for a month and then decide to unsubscribe. In this way they used DAZN for free for several months, without ever paying the monthly subscription (of 9.99 euros per month). With this decision, the online platform wants to stop this practice, also by virtue of the agreement signed last month with Sky and which provides for the birth of the channel DAZN1.

What changes for users of DAZN

For those who are already subscribers or for those who have subscribed using the promotion of Sky there will be no change: they will continue to see the rich program schedule offered by DAZN. All the "furbies" who abused the promotionĀ to see DAZNĀ free will have time until October 6, after which they will have to start paying the monthly subscription of 9.99 euros.

The decision of DAZN also comes following the enhancement of the offer: during the summer the schedule of the online platform has been enriched with the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels that broadcast many live sporting events: Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta of Spain, three Grand Slam tournaments, the Italian basketball championship, skiing and biathlon. In addition, DAZN also has the rights to broadcast re matches for each day of the Serie A 2019 - 2020.

In short, from October 6 there will be a big change that goes to reward users who from the beginning pay every month the subscription to DAZN,