Do influencers watch your Instagram Stories? Not really

For some time now, verified accounts have been adopting a trick to increase views on their profiles. Here's what

An old English proverb goes, "Curiosity killed the cat." Curiosity, an instinct that comes from the desire to know something, is at the base of the behaviors that are the foundation of interaction in social networks. It is basically curiosity that makes us follow an influencer's profile or a famous person on Instagram.

We are curious, we want to see how he lives, what he does, how he behaves, what his interests are. And it is precisely on curiosity that leverages a little trick devised by social media managers to increase the views of the profiles of influencers and VIPs on Instagram.

Instagram: VIPs are interested in your stories

In recent weeks, many users of the famous social network have noticed a rather bizarre fact. Browsing through the accounts of people viewing a story, many "common" instagrammers have discovered that some influencers with a verified profile were viewing their IG stories.

But how do influencers view the stories of perfect strangers without being followers? Moreover, it seems that these views even involve "unreachable" posts as they don't have hashtags or geolocation. Have we become celebrities all of a sudden without our knowledge?

Influencers watching you Stories? Here's why it happens

Nothing of the sort, the arcane has been revealed by the Influencer Busters portal. Behind these unusual views there are no celebrities or VIPs themselves who are suddenly interested in your lives, but simple bots used by social media managers of large verified accounts.

The purpose of these bots is basically to make you believe that a certain famous person has viewed your story. Taken by curiosity we immediately go to view the profile of this user and we press it already with a first view, then we move on to see a story, maybe even start following it and that's it. We have fallen into the net artfully prepared by a clever social media manager to trigger a psychological mechanism that leverages on our curiosity.

Even the mere visualization of the profile remedied through this sly technique is a positive element for our influencer as it leads to make Instagram understand that we are in the presence of a very visited account. And yes, at least you haven't become friends or performed a, let's say, really striking, epic action, it's hard for a VIP to follow your stories on Instagram.