How to create stories on Instagram and succeed

The Instagram Stories were introduced in 2016 and immediately became the most used tool by users. Here's how they work

In recent years, Instagram has grown enormously, until it has become one of the most used apps by users. The credit goes mainly to Facebook, which has managed to develop new features that are much appreciated by users. One of these are the Instagram Stories, images that after twenty-four hours are deleted and disappear from your profile.

To make the new feature Facebook took inspiration from Snapchat Stories, a virtually identical function present on the application of the yellow ghost. The success of stories on Instagram is mainly due to the ease of use: just thirty seconds to take a picture and upload it as Instagram Stories. Launched on Instagram in 2016, stories on Instagram have received several updates that have improved their functionality.

The Boomerang effect and SuperZoom have been added, all features that add to the Instagram Stories. But that's not all. You can add effects and text to make your images unique. Here are some tips on how to create fun Instagram Stories to be successful.

How to create Instagram Stories

Before understanding how to make successful Instagram Stories, it is necessary to explain how to create Instagram Stories. It's all very simple: just log into the application and press on the icon with your image in the top left corner. At this point a new page opens with the smartphone camera and the user will have to take the image to put in the Instagram Stories. Alternatively, you can also choose one of the images in the memory of the smartphone. Once the image is chosen, press the "+" icon in the bottom left corner and the image will be added to your Instagram Stories.

Add text and emoji

These are the steps to share a story on Instagram without customizing the image. But one of the best features of Instagram Stories is precisely the ability to make images unique via the photo editor. You can add text, emoji or make polls, all with simple touches on the screen. To edit Instagram Stories you need to press one of the three icons in the top right corner. The first face-shaped icon allows you to add emoji or customize the photo with the place where it was taken or the time. The brush-shaped icon lets you color the elements in the image. The icon with the two letters "A" allows you to add text to the image.

How to create unique videos on Instagram

You can share via Instagram Stories even short videos that do not exceed 15 seconds. To make them unique you need to use the effects made available by the application: Boomerang, SuperZoom and Rewind.