How to remove photo background without Photoshop

To remove the background of a photo, you don't need to be a wizard with Photoshop. Just rely on the artificial intelligence of

One of the funniest things you can do with digital photos is to remove the background and replace it with another, virtually bringing the foreground subject to places it's never been or inserting it into comical situations. It's kind of the basis with which many memes are built in which a famous person is used as the foreground subject.

Remember the meme of Will Smith on vacation in Italy in the summer of 2014? It was made just like that: from a photo actually published by the American actor had been removed the background and replaced with the most unthinkable places. The most widely used program for removing backgrounds from photos has long been Photoshop, followed by free alternatives such as Gimp, but the process is laborious and not within everyone's reach. So how do you remove the background from your photos without Photoshop, Gimp or similar software?, the free alternative to Photoshop for removing the background of your photos

A great alternative is proving to be, a website that allows you to upload an image (or insert a link to an image published on the web) and remove the background without having to do anything at all: it does everything using its artificial intelligence algorithms that recognize the subject in the foreground and the background, removing only the latter. All in a few seconds. Does it work? Yes, and well, but at the moment it recognizes only human subjects: if you upload a picture of your dog, for example, won't be able to process it.

"Our AI is trained to detect people in the foreground and everything else as background - you can read in FAQ - That's why it works only if there is at least one person in the image. In the future we want to support other types of images, such as those of products." does it work?

Another limitation of this program is that the generated file, in PNG format, has a very low resolution (500×500 pixels) which is fine if you use to create funny and original images for social, but not enough if you need something more professional.  For the rest is really a valid alternative to Photoshop, to be considered for removing the background from photos and the success that this site is having among users is huge, but deserved. Among the most difficult things to do in Photoshop, but that is able to do in complete autonomy and with excellent results, there is that of contouring long hair blown by the wind. also has no problem with the other classic case of a difficult image: one with a very complex and jagged background.