End of roaming in Europe, for 3 Italia customers the goodbye at the beginning of May

As for Vodafone and Wind customers, the mobile operator has decided to anticipate the end of roaming for 3 Italia

The end of roaming is still a few months away, with the European Union setting the final date for June 15.

In Italy, the first two mobile operators to abolish roaming, before the entry into force of the new legislation, were Vodafone, which eliminated the surcharge for calls and internet in 40 countries, and Wind Tre, which since April 24 has canceled roaming for Wind subscribers only. Wind Tre has just announced that also for 3 Italia customers the end of roaming will come before June 15. Starting in May, in fact, holders of a 3 sim card will be able to make calls, send text messages and surf the web freely throughout the European Union, using the national tariff plan, without incurring any extra costs.

Abolition set for May 3

As stated in the note published on the website of the mobile operator that merged with Wind, "3 customers traveling to an EEA (European Economic Area, ed.) country will no longer pay roaming charges, but will use those provided in Italy within the limits provided by the policies of correct use pursuant to European Regulation 2016/2286." The abolition of roaming will start from next May 3 and will affect all 3 customers: rechargeable, subscription and VAT numbers. In the case of a consumer offer, the maximum unit costs will be used instead, namely 23.18 cents per minute for voice calls, 7.32 for each text message sent and 24 cents per MB for internet browsing.