Facebook changes face: all the news

The Facebook news feed will soon change face: no longer one wall, but three divided by type: relevant posts, recent and viewed

The classic Facebook news feed could soon change face. In addition to the classic bulletin board in which the news deemed most relevant by the algorithm, the user could have two other types of display: one based on the history of posts starting from the most recent, and another with all the posts already seen previously.

For the moment it is a hidden feature, but soon the triple bulletin board could become official. The goal is to make the social network even more dynamic and engaging, allowing all users to read what they want, regardless of the content selected by the algorithm. Not all members in fact would appreciate the classic interface, but they would be more inclined to look at the latest news, to know what's happening in real time. Others, however, might want to look at content that has gone unnoticed and perhaps react or comment.

How will Facebook's new news feed look?

If the new interface were to be launched, it would surely be the biggest revolution related to the platform's design. Back in 2013 Mark Zuckerberg announced the multiple feed, only to shelve the project. In its place came the column on the side that still collects the different sections of the social: friends, pages, games, apps and so on. Now, at last, the moment of the big change would have arrived: users will perhaps be able to decide which news to follow, moving from one bulletin board to another. In this regard, the possibility of switching feeds will be given by the presence of three tabs at the top of the main screen. The tabs would be called "Relevant" for relevant news, "Recent" for recent news and "Seen" for content that has already been viewed.

New face for Facebook: who discovered the feature?

The secret feature was spotted by developer Jane Manchun Wong, who communicated the indiscretion to TechCrunch by sending several screenshots.

Further on, a company spokesperson confirmed the existence of the feature, which for the moment is only available to an internal team of testers. In addition, he admitted that currently Facebook is also testing a way to simplify the search and sort all the posts that have already been viewed, so as not to lose them and give them a "second chance".

New Facebook walls: what's behind the novelty?

Reflecting on this novelty, it seems clear that the Menlo Park company would be looking for solutions to keep users inside the social network, often sidelined in favor of other platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. In this way, there would also be more coverage by Facebook ads that, at this time, have also slowed the growth of profits, as far as we can see from Wall Street data. Having three bulletin boards available certainly offers more opportunities to advertisers.

Not to mention that the algorithm can often make mistakes by offering the wrong content, the one determining the abandonment of the page by the user. With the triple bulletin board, subscribers will finally have a greater margin of choice and maybe they will find really interesting content that will convince them to stay within the social network.