Facebook, the seventh Reaction arrives: where you can use it

An emoji embracing a red heart: this is the symbol that we will see next to the classic Facebook reaction in a few days. Here's how to use it to express closeness to friends and relatives

Facebook, Instagram and all the platforms that crowd the network are proving to be really useful in this period of quarantine: they help users feel less alone and have contact with the world. On the other hand, the technological giants are updating these channels with many features designed specifically to entertain the community.

For example, Instagram has launched the sticker "I'm staying at home" to be inserted in the Stories or offers the opportunity to order food at home without leaving the app, thus helping businesses affected by the crisis. In recent days, rumor has it that Mark Zuckerberg's company is working to launch a new reaction on Facebook. It would be designed precisely to show emotional closeness to their contacts. The reaction should be called "Care" which in Italian could be translated as "prendersi cura" and is a way to show closeness and support to friends and family members who are currently far away physically because of forced isolation.

How does the new Facebook reaction Care work?

"Care" or "Cura" is represented by a yellow face that smiles while hugging a red heart. The seventh reaction should appear right below the posts, next to the traditional thumbs up and would then be followed by the other reactions, namely the heart, the laughing face, the surprised one, the sad one and the angry one.

This smiley face represents an important novelty for the system: since 2015, no new reactions had been inserted, apart from some specifically designed for special events and celebrations. For example, a few years ago for Mother's Day, Facebook had included the possibility to react with a purple flower. The reaction is expected to be released globally next week and can be used to express empathy towards nostalgic posts, those shared by those who are suffering or those who feel in prison or are even struggling with Covid-19.

New feature also for Messenger

Aside the reaction designed for public posts, the social network is ready to release a new one for Messenger as well. It is a heart button that will soon appear among the reactions available for private messages.

One of Facebook's spokesmen revealed that the company has developed these features to help users during emergency. It's a small gesture, but one that offers an opportunity for people to make their voices heard. "We know this is a difficult time and we wanted people to have new ways to communicate with their friends and let them know with a small signal that they are thinking about them."