Facebook arrives “Latest Conversations”. It shows the most interesting posts

Facebook has been working on creating "Latest Conversations" a new feature that shows the most interesting comments based on trending topics

A new feature is ready to officially make its debut on Facebook, we are talking about Latest Conversations. It will cover the public posts present in the topics with great interaction to show the user a broad view of what people have commented about a news.

Last Conversations is not really a new feature. On Facebook, there was already the ability to see people's public comments even outside our circle of friends. The novelty of Latest Conversations is that now checking other people's opinions on news, photos, videos or pages will be much more intuitive and immediate. This is because Latest Conversations doesn't work through keyword search but has its own section, constantly updated, that shows us what the trending topics are and what are the main opinions of other people within the social network.

First doubts

Some have raised several doubts about the new feature. For many, this system could tempt users to comment based on other users' responses, without actually reading the news. Moreover, many of the comments displayed could be misleading for the general understanding of the post. Or it could happen to see only comments in foreign languages and at that point the usefulness of the new feature would be almost null. Unless you rely on an automatic translator.

The intelligent algorithms

In defense of Facebook, however, it must be said that its algorithms are becoming increasingly intelligent and are learning to show people only comments from verified users who do not foment hatred, racism or hoaxes through the news on social. For some experts, Facebook with this strategy is trying to create internal conversations similar to the model present on Twitter. Where you can, thanks to hashtags, get an idea of what people think about a specific topic. Facebook has informed that, after a period of experimentation, now the feature is ready to be released to all users. Although, for the time being, it has been found only in the app and not in the web version.