FarmVille will be permanently closed in 3 months

FarmVille, the browser game made popular by Facebook, closes for good: from December 31 it will no longer be possible to play

FarmVille closes its doors after 11 years. The adventure of one of the first browser games on Facebook will end its activity on December 31, putting an end to what has been a true era of light and carefree gaming in front of the computer screen.

The end of the game has been determined, however, indirectly, a choice of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg's social network has decided to end, at the end of 2020, the support dedicated to Flash-based games. This choice is in any case in line with what has been happening for several years on the web, with a gradual abandonment of the format in favor of HTML5 - first on the list is YouTube, which has long since changed the format of its unmistakable player -, WebGL and more, also in light of the lower demand for hardware resources and limited security risks compared to its predecessor from Adobe.

Farmville: what will happen to the game?

Before hanging up the plow, Zynga, the producer of the game that simulates the life of a farmer between crops and livestock, has chosen to create some events in order to greet the many aficionados and accompany them to a new beginning.

From the game FAQ it is clear that the old players will be able to receive a bonus package, a package containing various items to be used in game, to start or continue their adventure on FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape. FarmVille: Country Escape and FarmVille 3, two other titles in the same vein available on the Apple Store, Windows Phone Store and for Kindle Fire.

FarmVille: how it contributed to Facebook's success

At the height of its success, FarmVille was one of the most popular games on Facebook. Played solo or, better, in company with the sending of goods useful for the progress of the game, this title generated up to 10% of Facebook's revenue. 80 million players have contributed to making it one of the most famous names among the social network's users, even before the arrival of other respectable titles such as the infamous Candy Crush.

Based on a simple and repetitive gameplay, FarmVille has captivated users thanks to its ability to engage players and bewitch them in front of the computer hour after hour, day after day, calling them to their duties as a good digital farmer. Even if it has come to an end, at least on Facebook, its story doesn't seem to have reached an end and for Zynga there's nothing left to do but bet everything on smartphone apps, competing with the most beloved games of the new generations.