WhatsApp: what’s new we’ll see in the coming months

From dark mode to the new Picture-in-picture mode: here are all the updates that will be released on WhatsApp

To become the most used application in the world you need to please users and release new features very continuously. WhatsApp knows this well: developers are always working to add features and improve those already present. After closing 2018 with record-breaking numbers, the application started 2019 by releasing several very interesting features. Few, however, have reached the official version.

Those who want to try the new features of WhatsApp must download the beta version where tests are carried out. From the information released on the Net we are aware of the new features that we should see in the coming months on the application. The most important is definitely the night mode that will save battery power and not fatigue the eyes if we use the app during the night hours. Another important novelty concerns the listening of audio notes: if we receive several consecutive messages from the same person just press the "Play" icon of the first voice note to listen to them all. Here are all the WhatsApp news that will be released in 2019.

WhatsApp: here is the dark mode

For the moment it is still being tested in the beta version of WhatsApp, but it is not excluded that it will be released already in the coming weeks. We are talking about the dark mode of WhatsApp that will bring a big change to the interface of the application. The white background will be replaced by black and gray, while green will remain only in the main menu. The night mode should also bring a saving in battery consumption (in smartphones with OLED screen).

WhatsApp Android: increasingly secure chats

After releasing the feature on iOS, WhatsApp is testing it on Android as well. What are we talking about? The possibility of protecting your chats using your fingerprint. Increasing the security of conversations and keeping away snoopers is one of the goals that WhatsApp staff has set for 2019. And the ability to use your fingerprint to access chats is just the first step.

WhatsApp: voice notes and videos, what's changing

Important news for voice notes and videos as well. Updates will be released in the coming weeks that will improve listening to audio notes and watching videos in Picture-in-Picture mode.

Let's start with audio notes. Thanks to the update, in case we receive 3 or 4 audio notes consecutively from the same person, we'll just have to click on the Play button of the first message to listen to them all without interruption. A small improvement that makes it even easier to use the voice notes.

As for the Picture-in-Picture mode, however, it will be possible to continue watching a video even if we change the conversation.

WhatsApp, no more fake news

Another hot front for the messaging application are fake news and scams. To block spam, WhatsApp has already introduced important innovations that limit message forwarding. But in the coming weeks it will equip users with a very important tool. If you receive a forwarded message, it will be possible to find out how many times it has already been sent to other users. If the number is very high, 99% is a scam or fake news.