Amazon’s “Actually Free” will be closed by the end of the summer

Jeff Bezos' company has announced that the "Actually Free" program will be closed by the summer but the apps will be supported until 2019

Amazon Underground is the online store created by Jeff Bezos' company and present on both Android smartphones and Fire series tablets. The store has been available in Italy for more or less a year, but has never managed to get going, despite the presence of the "Actually Free" program that allows you to use some paid applications for free.

Now Amazon has announced that the "Actually Free" program will be closed by the end of the summer, while the applications will have official support until 2019. For users who have taken advantage of the opportunity to get paid apps for free, this is a blow. In fact on Actually Free there are widely used apps like Monument Valley, Office Suite Pro 8, Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions. As mentioned the apps are free, but you can make in-app purchases to make them complete or to unlock special features.

Amazon Underground will continue to grow

The decision of Jeff Bezos' company is not a prelude to closing Amazon Underground. Quite the contrary. Amazon has announced that support for its online store will remain unchanged and efforts will be increased to make it more comprehensive. The "Actually Free" program was closed only because the revenue model assumed by Amazon proved to be unsuccessful: in fact, developers were paid according to the time users used an application. Actually Free will be shut down at the end of this summer, but users who purchased the apps will be able to continue to use and install them on their devices.