Fortnite 2, the bug that does not take damage: how it works

On Fortnite 2 a user has discovered a very annoying bug that makes you immortal: here's how it works and who it affects

New season new bugs. Apparently, the developers ofEpic Games will have to run for cover again after a new bug was discovered in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 that could distort the outcomes of the game, especially during the final challenges. After fixing the glitch that made it difficult to complete the new Battle Pass, the developers need to get their hands back on the game's code as soon as possible to fix a new problem that would apparently make players immortal.

According to some gamers on Reddit, the new bug greatly reduces the damage taken by falls. As many of you may know, drops are one of the most popular tricks on Fortnite to defeat opponents. All you have to do is connect on Twitch, start a live stream of the Battle Royale to find yourself in a match in which very tall towers are built, ready to become a trap for your opponents. This trick, however, does not seem to have any effect in Fortnite 2: the bug reduces damage from falls, making players (almost) immortal.

Fortnite 2: the new bug

The latest Fortnite 2 bug was discovered by a regular player who promptly posted the video of the incriminating fact on his Reddit profile. The bug would seem related to the Pantanus Palpitating and would make players immortal by canceling the damage related to a fall. It may seem like a small thing, but savvy gamers use drops to eliminate opponents in the final stages of a game, favoring the creation of tall towers to move combat vertically.

The video shared by the Fortnite player on Reddit shows another way. The player thrown from the tower lands without any problems and, indeed,  manages to eliminate the opponent. According to reports, the bug could be related to the zipline. Fortnite players around the world are in turmoil and are hoping for a timely intervention of Epic Games to eliminate the glitch of immortality by falling, although, at least for now, there is no news about it.

Fortnite 2: developers at work

The new Fortnite 2 bug will surely be fixed soon. Perhaps Epic Games must first fix the problem related to the new "mythological" item, the Mythic Goldfish. More than a real weapon, it is a goldfish that can be thrown to inflict heavy damage on opponents. Hidden in one of the waterways that characterize the new Fortnite 2 map, it can be fished by players and, if thrown at an opponent, can inflict 90 damage (the maximum life in Fortnite is 100).