Fortnite, discovered a bug in the video game: how it works

New bug for Fortnite Season 10. In this case, users could no longer make ceilings, thus ending up not being able to defend themselves

After postponing the official release of Season 11, Epic Games is forced to run for cover again to correct a serious bug that would afflict Fortnite. According to the report received by the developers of the famous video game title, the vulnerability would concern the Season 10 and still present in the update 10.40.1 last October 2.

A news far from reassuring, for Epic Games and millions of fans of Fortnite. The season 10, in fact, has been characterized by bugs of various kinds, which in some cases have threatened to distort the performance of races and tournaments. Just think of the skins that granted immortality, or the power (considered excessive) of mechs. In short, a season to forget, at least in terms of bugs.

Fortnite, how the construction bug works

Although not as important as the immortal skins, the new vulnerability can significantly affect the gaming experience and strategy adopted by some gamers. Specifically, the bug prevents you from building ceilings to shelter under if you follow a particular procedure. Basically, if you build a ceiling and then change it to a half-ceiling and then change it back to a full ceiling by moving your view to the side, the bug prevents you from making further changes until the ceiling is complete and only after you change your view again.

It may seem like a minor thing, but many players are able to create a series of ceilings to protect themselves during Battle Royale shoot-outs. Not being able to perform this strategic operation means defeat for many.

Epic Games' response

The bug was reported by a Fortnite user on Reddit and immediately picked up by Epic Games, which confirmed the existence of the problem and took charge of it. Evidently the bug, given its particularity, had escaped the developers otherwise it would have already been removed in the recent patch 10.40.1 that, among other things, has made a number of substantial changes to the code of the game.