Google Maps, speedometer also coming

Google Maps introduces speedometer. It allows you to know the speed of travel and the limit of a road. Find out how it works

Google Maps is not just a simple online navigator, but a feature-rich service designed to accompany the user on his journey, complete with background music, parking geolocation, local nearby, traffic estimates and many other functions, as well as advice of all kinds.

A few weeks ago, the Mountain View company announced the arrival of the speed camera function, which lets you know if speed detectors are on the route, so that the driver slows down at the right time. This is not the only novelty of Google Maps, in fact, soon will be available the speedometer, which will show both the recommended speed and the speed of travel by car. This option is already active in some areas of the world, such as Brazil, the United States, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Soon it will also arrive in Italy, where it will be available for devices running the Android operating system.

The arrival of the speedometer on Google Maps: how it will work

Google Maps will soon introduce the new speedometer function in Italy. You can enable it from the Navigation Settings and it will show you some basic information. First of all, it will let you know the speed limit of the road you are traveling on. This information will be present in the interface, within a static box. The second data that Google Maps will communicate is the navigation speed. This will be reported in another box located on the right. Contrary to the speed limit box, which will be colorless, the second one will change its color from green to red as the car or vehicle used is in danger of exceeding the set limit.

Google Maps Speedometer: how to get it?

This feature will be available for Android devices. For the moment, it is only present on the beta version of the app. Google Maps speedometer is only available if you use it in car mode. On the other hand, it does not work if the route is set on foot or via public transportation. The feature is currently in the process of being released.