Here’s what the new Android Auto will look like

Google in the summer releases an update to Android Auto. Find out what the new interface and all the quick commands will look like.

Android Auto is a service launched by Google in 2014 to simplify the use of cell phone functions while driving. In this way, the attention is focused on the road without distractions. The tool is totally free and has been renewed over the years, meeting the new needs of drivers.

To use it, just download the app from Google Play and connect it to the car's monitor via USB or Bluetooth. The app will sync and can be easily used in all smart vehicles. It allows you to look at maps or use the navigation system. Besides, you can view incoming calls, missed calls or send voice messages and even listen to music. In a nutshell, the cell phone's functionalities are integrated into the on-board computer. The Mountain View company, always attentive to the needs of users, has recently released an update to Android Auto.

Android Auto: the new interface

The new version of Android Auto will arrive during the summer of 2019. It will be even easier to use and will accurately avoid distractions while driving. Among the most anticipated new features is the new interface. In fact, through the in-vehicle screen you will be able to more easily access all the applications on your phone, such as Spotify, Google Maps to even Audible, the famous tool for listening to audiobooks. The new Android Auto will have further graphical improvements: it will be compatible with large displays, very popular in new generation cars. In addition, it will feature a new drop-down menu where you can scroll through notifications. In the interface, you will be able to set the dark mode, which is very useful if you drive in the dark.

The main screen will also be revolutionized: while before the icons were positioned at the bottom, now they are in list mode, so they resemble the same graphic layout of smartphones.

Increased safety through controls

Aside from a totally renewed screen, Android Auto will favor the use of controls. This will increase safety by allowing drivers to use the app while keeping their hands on the wheel without shifting their eyes too many times. Currently, to use another app, you need to go back and close the one you used previously. In the new version there will be a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Here there will be a series of quick commands that can be used for all open apps. For example, while viewing a map it will be possible to change the music from Spotify, without leaving Maps. Also, it will be possible to make phone calls while keeping directions in sight. Currently, the two operations can't be performed simultaneously. Finally, by connecting your smartphone to the car, Android Auto will automatically restart music if an app like Spotify was in use until then.