How Facebook Find Wi-Fi Works

Recently released worldwide, the Find Wi-Fi feature lets you know about free hotspots in our vicinity

That Facebook is interested in extending Internet connectivity as much as possible is now clear to everyone. This is demonstrated, for example, by the projects and Aquila, both dedicated to those developing countries characterized by a high digital divide. This is not, however, the only initiative carried out in this sense by Mark Zuckerberg's company.

Facebook Find Wi-Fi, for example, is a feature of the social network app that is certainly less known but, in some ways, more interesting than the two projects mentioned above. Released last year on an experimental basis in a handful of states - those most functional to test functionality and interest from Facebook users - Find Wi-Fi allows you to know the free access Wi-Fi networks in our vicinity. Fundamental in this sense is the collaboration (more or less voluntary) of the thousands of commercial and productive activities present on Facebook with a Page: they, in fact, provide the social network and its users with information on the presence or absence of a free hotspot.

How Facebook Find Wi-Fi works

In order to find free Wi-Fi in our vicinity, it is first necessary to verify that the app for Android or iOS is updated to the latest release. Once you've verified this detail, all you have to do is launch Facebook, access the menu, scroll down until you find the "App" section and press the "Show All" button. At the bottom of the new screen you'll be able to find the item Find Wi-Fi: after activating geolocation and Wi-Fi (if you don't already have them active), Facebook will show a list of businesses in your vicinity that provide free Wi-Fi. The user will also be able to choose to switch from list view to "Map" mode, so you can move more easily to the nearest free hotspot.

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