How Tuned works, Facebook’s couple diary app

Tuned is a new app developed by Facebook for long-distance couple relationships. Here's how it works and how to download it

Facebook in recent months is trying to conquer a particular target, that of couples. After having launched in some countries of the world the feature to facilitate online dating, now it plans an application designed especially for those who live a relationship at a distance.

The novelty is called Tuned and was created to encourage couples to create a small private digital environment. They can create a photo album, write notes, express moods and even exchange music, thanks to integration with Spotify. People can connect to the profile individually and use it to best express their feelings. This solution is really useful for all those who live far away, a problem that is particularly widespread during this quarantine period. This way, even if they can't currently share the same physical space, they still manage to carve out a virtual one.

How the Tuned couple app works

Tuned is the app developed by Facebook and available only for iOS devices that was created to bring couples living far away closer together. The goal is pursued through three main functions. The first function allows you to share music, that is, to exchange songs to listen to. This is possible thanks to the integration with Spotify.

The second function allows you to exchange voice notes, text messages, notes and cards with stickers that you can also comment with the classic Facebook reaction. The third feature is the most intimate one, because it encourages the sharing of a state of mind, a fundamental aspect to understand each other and cultivate a relationship even at a distance of miles, a need that in this period is more alive than ever because of the Coronavirus.

Based on this description we can say that Tuned seems to be the meeting between a social network and a messaging app. All the contents exchanged between the two contacts are confidential and are in fact catalogued within a bulletin board, so it's possible for them to browse and review them just like it happens on Facebook.

Features and details of Tuned

The app was developed by an internal team of the company called New Product Experimentation. This is a team that is specifically committed to new innovative and experimental projects. This group has already launched other tools, for example last summer they created an app designed for meme making and another similar to Pinterest. However, none of these have been promoted by Facebook, so presumably Tuned will also be released on the quiet.