How to back up your PC with Google Drive

In late June Google will implement its cloud storage service with a feature to perform backups from your hard drive, the only flaw the high costs

Google Drive is one of the most popular and used cloud storage tools on the Net at the moment. The Mountain View researchers are now working to implement more functions within their service. For this reason, from June 28, Google Drive can be used to perform backups of your hard drive.

For those who do not know the meaning of cloud storage remember that this term indicates a model of data storage on the Net where the information is stored on multiple virtual servers generally hosted at third-party facilities or dedicated servers. Those who have an account on Google Drive from the end of June as well as being able to store, as usual, their data on the Net will also be able to perform regular backups of their hard drive. And of course it will be possible to associate all the information saved online with your profile on the storage service signed Google.

How it works

For those who have no idea how to make a backup there is no problem. Using Google Drive for this purpose is very easy. First we need to download a Backup and Sync tool for our Mac or PC. Once this is done, all we have to do is open the Google Drive app and choose directly from our desktop folders or our saved documents which files to save to the network. The service will divide our documents according to the location in which we have saved them on our computer. If we tick all the boxes the service will make a full backup of all the files saved. Otherwise, if we want to store only some folders online, we'll manually select the data that interests us.


The main flaw, at the moment, for this new Google service is the cost. It is more expensive than other solutions present online. The free space, in fact, will be limited to 15GB. While a 1TB will cost about 100 euros per year. Most of the competition for now on average costs about 50 euros per year. Practically half the cost of Google Drive.