How to block Iliad SIM card

To block an Iliad SIM card you need to fill out a document and send it by fax or mail to the phone operator: here's how to do it

In a few months Iliad has profoundly changed the mobile market in Italy, leading all companies to lower prices and change monthly subscriptions by increasing the number of gigabytes offered. Iliad has also distinguished itself for a fairly reliable service (there have been a few problems, but all resolved fairly quickly) and a customer service that is always ready to respond to customer inquiries.

In recent days, however, many users are complaining about the difficulty in locking an Iliad SIM card after losing it or after losing the smartphone. All other phone companies allow you to lock the SIM card or the IMEI code of the smartphone by calling the service center directly, but not Iliad. The only way to lock the Iliad SIM card is to send a fax or a letter by mail to the phone company. A quite long procedure and not easy to perform: the document to be filled out is present only in the "Forms" section of the Iliad website. Many customers of the French operator have complained on forums and specialized sites and it is not excluded that Iliad is already working to simplify the operation.

Block Iliad SIM card, what to do

If you have lost your Iliad SIM card or you have been a victim of theft of the smartphone, you have only one option to block the phone card of the phone operator: fill out a document on the website and send it by fax or mail. The file can be found in the forms section and is called "Request to block/unblock iliad SIM and IMEI code" and allows you to block both the phone card and the IMEI code of the smartphone. The same document can be sent to Iliad to unlock the SIM in case the phone card or smartphone is found.

In addition to filling out the document, you will need to send Iliad an ID and, in case of theft, the loss report. If you want to block the IMEI code of the smartphone, you will have to indicate it in the document.

To complete the Iliad SIM blocking operation, you will have to send the documents to the fax number +390230377960, both from Italy and from abroad, or to the postal address Iliad Italia S.p.A. CP 14106, 20146 Milan.