How to find out who has seen your WhatsApp Status

The new feature allows you to find out who is watching our Status on WhatsApp. Doing it is very simple, just follow some simple instructions

The new States on WhatsApp have divided users. Many did not like the pop-up photos and videos to inform other contacts about what we are doing, a feature very similar to Instagram Stories. Other users can see our images and in the case comment on them.

At the moment the feature has not gathered many positive opinions. So much so that the messaging application allowed users to choose between the new version of the States and the old one, that is, the one with the simple writing: "I'm sleeping", "I'm busy" and so on. However, some users appreciated the novelty that can make their presence on the application interactive and nice. If we are among this circle of users, we can also check who among our friends and relatives have seen the Status on WhatsApp. We tell you right away that this is a very easy operation that requires at most a couple of clicks.

Who has seen your Status on WhatsApp

As we said, just like it happens on Instagram or Facebook, the new feature of WhatsApp, called precisely Status, allows users to share videos and photos that last only 24 hours. After this time, the content will no longer be usable for any of our contacts. As in the case of Instagram and Snapchat, it is possible to monitor over the course of 24 hours who has visited our WhatsApp photo or video. To do this we open the WhatsApp application and go to the section called Status and click on the photo or video we have shared. Scrolling down will open a list that tells us who of our contacts have viewed the content we published. This is an operation practically identical to that carried out on Instagram to monitor who has seen our Story. Easier than that.