How to find PEC addresses on INI-PEC

INI-PEC is the National Index of Certified E-mail Addresses and can be used by users to search for the PEC address of a company

The introduction of certified e-mail has changed the way millions of companies work: It is no longer necessary to stand in long lines at the Post Office to send a letter or a registered letter, now just a few seconds are enough to send a message that has legal value to any SME scattered throughout Italy, or to receive a communication from the Revenue Agency or Ministries.

For companies, the introduction of PEC has allowed them to optimize their time and save the time lost in sending a registered letter through traditional postal channels. Not to mention that its functioning is very similar to that of a normal email box, with the addition of hacker-proof security protocols. So, in addition to being convenient, it is also a super secure service.

Nowadays, any company, SME and freelancer uses a certified mailbox for its work: the real problem for users is being able to find the PEC address of the company to which you want to send an email. Fortunately, however, the MISE has created INI-PEC, a sort of database with all the addresses of professionals and companies in Italy that allows you to search for a PEC address in a few moments.

Finding the PEC of companies: what is INI-PEC

INI-PEC is the National Index of Certified Electronic Mail Addresses, and it was created by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) to collect all the PEC addresses of Italian companies and professionals. Having a registry that collects all the certified addresses of professionals is essential to speed up communications between companies and between companies and customers, and the decision to establish the INI-PEC was dictated mainly by this (as well as the increasing number of professionals who have their own PEC address).

In Italy there are several companies that allow you to create the PEC: one of the most secure and advanced in Italy is the service Libero Mail PEC. Using it is very simple: just access the email system and click on the appropriate function for the creation of a certified address.

Searching for PEC addresses: how to do it

The operation of the National Index of Certified Electronic Mail Addresses is very simple, as it is simple to search for PEC addresses. After the access to the portal, the user can use the section dedicated to the search to find the PEC address of any company or professional. The INI-PEC database is constantly updated with all the new PEC boxes opened by the SMEs: in fact, the Register of Companies, the colleges and professional orders are obliged to transfer to the National Index of Certified Electronic Mail Addresses all the data related to their members.

INI-PEC is a very useful tool for all those who are looking for the PEC address of a company and makes B2B communication faster. In order to search for the required data, it is sufficient to fill in all the fields with the information in one's possession, insert the control (CAPCHA) and click on "Search PEC". If the data provided is not sufficient, an error message will appear.

It is also possible to do the reverse route: enter the PEC address in the appropriate field and, by clicking on "Search PEC", go back to the data of the professional to whom the mailbox belongs.

Other methods of searching for PEC addresses of the Public Administration

It is not only INI-PEC, however, to search for addresses. For example, if you have to search for the PEC address of a Public Administration body, the procedure to do it is very simple and intuitive: you just have to connect to the site of the Index of Public Administrations (IPA) and choose the criteria according to which you want to search for the body: by alphabet if you want to search by name, by geographic area if you want to search by the area to which it belongs or by category if you want to search by the category to which it belongs. Once found, click on "PEC", in front of the name, and you'll see his certified mail address. If the icon is gray, it means that the entity can not yet be contacted via PEC.

How to find the PEC address in the Register of Companies

The Register of Companies is a kind of "registry" in which, by law, Italian companies must register their PEC. To search, therefore, the PEC address of a company, you just go on the site of the Register of Companies and make a search within the latter, finding all the contact details of the company of your interest and its PEC addresses.

How to search for the PEC address of private citizens

To find the PEC address of a private individual is more complicated and, often, you have to go by trial and error, as there are no public databases in which to search. In these cases, therefore, it is better to ask directly to the person concerned: in this way you will avoid wasting time in (perhaps) useless attempts.