How to install Tivùsat CAM

Of the various ways to watch Tivùsat channels, the CAM is probably the most convenient and among the cheapest. Here's how to install and configure it

To use the Tivùsat platform and watch all the digital terrestrial channels, and seven channels in 4K, even if in our area the signal doesn't arrive we have two options: use a Tivùsat certified decoder, connected to a TV set, or install a Tivùsat certified CAM in a Tivùsat certified TV set (or compatible with certified CAMs).

Both options are easier to realize than to describe, especially the second one which has also the advantage of not stealing space near the TV set: the CAM, in fact, is installed directly inside the TV set. Of course, however, the first step is to choose the tivùsat CAM and buy it: we will find inside it the official card of tivùsat and, consequently, if we already have a satellite system ready all we have to do is install the CAM in the TV and then insert the card inside. Finally, you will have to activate the CAM through the guided procedure and you will finally be able to watch the channels, in HD and 4K, broadcast by this free platform.

Tivùsat CAM: what to check before installation

All Tivùsat CAMs are the same in size and technical characteristics: they are marketed by four different companies (Humax, Digiquest, I ZAP and Telesystem) but they are all produced by the same company (SmartDTV). So we can't go wrong. Rather, we need to make sure that our TV is compatible with the Tivùsat CAM and, to do this, all we need to do is go to, find the CAM in question and click on "TVs certified or compatible with this CAM". If everything is ok, then we can proceed with the installation of the Tivùsat CAM.

How to install the Tivùsat CAM

The first step to install the Tivùsat CAM is to connect the coaxial cable coming from the dish (which must be oriented to pick up the signal of the Eutelsat 13 East satellite). At this point we will have to launch the tuning of the channels, which will be found by the tuner of the television but will not yet be viewable. Now we have to insert the CAM into the slot on the back of the TV (usually it says "PCMCIA Card Slot") and then insert the card included in the CAM package. Now there is the last step to do to watch Tivùsat: activate the card using the wizard on the official site of Tivùsat.

What to do if your Tivùsat CAM does not work

If you have followed all the steps to the letter, then you should not have problems. If the CAM is not working, the first thing to do is to check that the CAM is correctly inserted into the slot. If the CAM seems to be inserted correctly, then go to the "Common Interface" menu of your TV and check if the CAM is recognized by the TV. If not, try removing and reinserting it. If it is recognized but still doesn't work, try resetting it: you will be asked for the CAM PIN. Finally, if you still can't see Tivùsat, check again the compatibility of your TV: many models have very similar initials, you could be wrong.