How to see WhatsApp status without being seen

How to see WhatsApp status without being seen? Here's how to snoop through the states without going in and getting caught. Check out the steps for iPhone and Android

Since 2017, you can post temporary content on WhatsApp. Just like Instagram and Facebook Stories, WhatsApp Status is only usable for 24 hours, after that it disappears. Another element in common with Instagram, is that also in the messaging app a user can see all the contacts who have seen his Status.

And here comes the fun: the person you are interested in posts a lot of temporary content and you would like to look at all of them without being discovered? Does your arch-enemy throw you a few barbs via statuses and you don't want to give them the satisfaction of finding you among the contacts they've viewed? The messaging app has thought of you and everyone else who wants to see a WhatsApp status without being seen. The procedure to act undisturbed is really easy and can be performed on both iPhone and Android smartphones. It only takes a few taps to peek at WhatsApp statuses without being seen.

See WhatsApp Status without being seen on Android

Do you have an Android smartphone and want to see statuses on WhatsApp without logging in? Then sign in to the app, enter Settings then Account and finally Privacy. Here, turn off read confirmation by checking the appropriate box. This will allow you to look at all WhatsApp States without being seen. However, you too will no longer be able to have the list of people viewing yours. At the same time, this option will prevent people in your address book from seeing the blue ticks when you read their messages, and vice versa.

How to see WhatsApp Status without being seen on iPhone and iOS

Exactly as it happens on Android, even in your Apple device you can see WhatsApp States without logging in and being seen. Just as it happens with Android, also on iOS the change is immediate. To enable Invisible Mode, sign in to WhatsApp and tap on the Settings button located at the bottom right of the app screen. Next, go to Accounts and then Privacy. Here, turn off read confirmation and you're done.

Of course, after seeing the Status you're interested in, you can immediately turn read confirmation back on so that you'll have the blue ticks and the list of people who looked at your Status available again. By the way, do you want to take a look at the list of people who have seen your latest update? Doing so is very simple: click on the content and then the eye symbol at the bottom. There you will find all the people who have seen your WhatsApp Status. Maybe the person you care about or your arch-enemy is also there.