How to start a chat on Instagram Direct

Chatting with Instagram Direct is easy, both from smartphones and PCs: you can send messages, gifs and more.

Instagram is now a popular social network that is part of our daily lives on par with Facebook. In fact, the social network site has more than a billion active users and is the third most popular social network in the world. Born initially for photography enthusiasts, it is now used by its members to tell their stories through images, getting in touch with other users by publishing, sharing and liking visual content.

It is in fact possible to publish photos and videos, broadcast live videos and publish temporary content through Stories to get in touch with different audiences for various purposes. There are those who use Instagram to stay in touch with their friends, those who use it to tell their lives and those who do it for promotional purposes. Interaction with users can take place in different ways that are almost always public, but the social network also offers users a private place to share content and chat: Instagram Direct. Discover with Libero Tecnologia how to chat on Instagram, both on smartphones and from PC.

Instagram Direct: instructions for use

All the interactions you have on Instagram are basically public, this means that if you share a photo, comment or like it both your followers and the owner of the content will see it. Although the social has removed the ability to see the likes that followers put on other content you can still see the names of users who have added the like to a particular photo or video. However, you can choose to interact with other users in a more private way, chatting with one or more people through direct message. Such a feature is called Instagram Direct or DM (direct message) Instagram.

The first thing needed to be able to chat on Instagram is, of course, to have the app installed within your device (whether it's a smartphone or a tablet). The app is available for all cell phones and tablets that have Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. If you're still among the few who haven't installed Instagram, access Google Play or the App Store, search for the name of the app and download it.

Once the app is installed, you'll have to sign in or possibly register first with the social network, adding people you know, friends, family or public figures and people you like and would like to follow. Once you have completed this process (always if necessary), you can finally start chatting on Instagram Direct. Let's see how, step by step.

After opening the application's home screen, press the paper airplane icon located in the lower right corner, between the + button and the little man who refers to the personal profile. Keep in mind that the button that links to Direct has only recently been moved to the screen, so if you have an outdated version of Instagram you may find the airplane icon in the upper right corner. Pressing it will bring up the screen for you to chat. At the top right, in front of the writing Direct, you can choose to make a video call with one or more people you follow or send a message. After pressing New Message you can select the contact to whom you want to send it and, by pressing the Chat button at the top right, open a screen where you can talk privately with the person you want to take pictures, send voice messages, gifs, or multimedia content taken from the gallery of the phone.

If you decide to send a message to several people Instagram will automatically create a group that, later, you can manage as you like: giving it a name, adding new interlocutors, turn on and off notifications or leave the group. A new feature that is very practical for those who use Instagram for business purposes is Quick Replies. It allows you to write a message and anchor it to a link. In this way, when a user sends you a message and uses the word you chose as a quick link, the system will automatically send him the message you wrote.

Instagram Direct also from PC

Not everyone knows that you can chat on Instagram also from PC. Many users access the social network from web browsers like Chrome or Explorer, which actually do not allow you to send private messages. On Windows and macOS systems, however, you can download the application from the Store and use Instagram Direct on your PC in the same way you would use it on your smartphone.