How to turn your computer into a Wi-Fi router

In a few simple steps you can turn your Windows 10 computer into a mobile hotspot, here's how to do it and how to connect with another device

We're having a house party and don't want to give the Wi-Fi connection password to all our friends every time? In this and many other cases, the solution is only one: we use our Windows 10 computer as if it were a Wi-Fi router. 

Of course, using a Windows 10 computer as a Wi-Fi repeater has stringent minimum requirements, but not really insurmountable (a broadband connection and an Ethernet cable to connect to the router). In short, anyone could turn their laptop into a hotspot and prevent strangers from connecting to their home router. And if our desktop computer doesn't have a Wi-Fi card? No problem: in such an eventuality, just buy a Wi-Fi adapter (USB sticks with antennas) and the obstacle is quickly circumvented.

How to set up the hotspot function

Setting up the hotspot function on computers with Windows 10 is really simple. First, click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner to open the Start menu. Then we access the settings (the gear icon in the far left) and go to the item Mobile Hotspot. We put a check mark on Enabled to turn the PC into a hotspot and, within a few moments, the device's antennas will start sending the Wi-Fi signal in the room. In case the computer is connected by both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, we can choose which connection to rely on from the pop-up menu present under the "Share my Internet connection from" section, opting for the fastest and most stable solution.

How to customize the hotspot connection of our Windows 10 PC

To avoid Wi-Fi security issues, each Windows 10 PC turned into a mobile hotspot creates a default network name and password. If we want to want to change them, it will be enough to click on the Edit item and wait for the new tab to open: here we can change the network name and passcode as we like. We always choose a secure password to not have problems with security.

How to connect with another device

How do we connect with another device to the hotspot of our Windows 10 PC? Nothing simpler. The computer/hotspot will be displayed as if it were a normal Wi-Fi network: to connect, simply select it from the connection list, enter the password and wait for the two devices to synchronize. From that moment on, you can surf the Web using your Windows 10 computer as if it were a router.