Iliad Assistance, new section available on the portal

The French phone company just landed in our country has created the Assistance section on the site to help users in the management of the SIM

After landing in Italy with its low cost offer, Iliad is trying to improve its services day by day. The French phone company has first realized and launched its official applications and now it has included a special Iliad Assistance section on its official website.

Linking to the portal of the low cost phone company we will find a new section, quite intuitive in the name, useful for Iliad customer support. The purpose of this new page is to provide the necessary information to users (and possible new customers) about our active offer, the news made by the phone company and also a list of frequently asked questions to find quick answers to any problems. This is a solution that was missing from Iliad and that goes alongside the 177 phone support and other useful numbers launched in recent weeks by the French low cost operator.

How the Iliad Online Support works

The section on the official Iliad website for customer support is divided into four macro areas: Your offer, The latest news, Frequently asked questions and My phone. The first of these areas, namely your offer, is the page useful for recharging, finding out the data traffic consumed, but also to manage the options and services associated with our number and have a report on the registration and activation of our Iliad SIM. This section also explains to users how to activate the SIM in case of purchase at a SIMBox or through online registration on the Iliad website. On the Assistance page we can also block or activate the free services already included in the Iliad offer, such as voicemail, call and SMS filter, call transfer and so on. Remember that on Iliad all these additional services are provided at no additional cost beyond the monthly package. The Latest News area on the Support page at the moment is a bit bare of content if not those dedicated to activation or registration to follow on a SIMBox. In the future, however, if Iliad expands its offerings with additional rates, it is likely that this will be the section used to inform existing users.

To use the Support section simply connect from a PC, tablet or smartphone to the Iliad website. The graphics are very intuitive and can be used without any problem by anyone. Of course if we use a cell phone the application is a faster way to manage every detail of our Iliad SIM.