In the new App Store, no more iPhone antivirus

Apple updates new guidelines for developers, strengthening the control system against misleading apps, such as antivirus

While antivirus may be of some use on Android devices, notoriously affected by hackers, on iOS, a closed operating system, they serve virtually no purpose. Nevertheless, it wasn't uncommon to find them in the App Store. Until now.

In the new digital store, in fact, antivirus software is excluded.

In the new guidelines, Apple actually blocks the publication of all misleading apps, such as those that promise to remove malware and other malicious software from the iPhone. Apps that actually exploit users' fear to perform other functions, some even invasive. Now Cupertino, by updating the "rules" of the App Store for developers, has decided to make things clear regarding the deletion of apps that disguise themselves as antivirus.

A crackdown on fake apps

The main virus vector for mobile devices are apps downloaded from unofficial sources. As it is known, unlike Android, iOS is not an open system. As a result, it is impossible to install external apps on iPhones and iPads (the only way is to implement jailbreaking procedures, an unlawful and dangerous system that allows you to bypass the iOS protection). It is clear, therefore, that an antivirus on iPhone and iPad, very safe devices, does not provide any protection.

With the new guidelines, Apple warns developers. Apps, such as antivirus, that say they perform untrue tasks will, therefore, be removed from the App Store. So much for those who thought they could get away with it.